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How hypnotherapy works for …

Stress and anxiety

Worry, panic, repeat …

Our modern lives are more stressful than ever: too much work and not enough sleep or money create huge stresses that can cause us to burn out. Stress is often situational and the stressors are usually obvious to us.

But while stress may come and go, anxiety may persist, even if the cause is not clear. Anxiety is the ability to be afraid of things that we worry may happen in the future. The experience may feel acute, even if there are no apparent causes.

Anxiety is a perfectly normal — if distressing and exhausting — part of the human condition. We are able to feel anxiety, because it gave our cave-dwelling ancestors an advantage to be able to predict and forecast threats and deploy a panic response. It’s a very useful trait if there are tigers.


If there are no tigers, the fight-or-flight syndrome is more often than not experienced as a “panic attack”. There is nothing to fight or flee from and the adrenaline hangs around, distorting our perception. We may perceive things as more of a threat than they really are. We may feel “unreal”.

    Anxiety action

    I can help your anxiety through hypnotherapy in two ways:

    • By giving you tools to notice, stop and control panic responses in the moment
    • By getting to the bottom of and ultimately removing the underlying causes of your anxiety

    I was finally able to make a phone call without wanting to run away.


    The numbers

    Anxiety and anxiety mixed with depression are the most common mental health diagnoses in the country.

    The difficulty is that anxiety is a normal and useful human emotion. There’s no cure for it — the road to feeling better lies in controlling and managing our relationship with anxiety. Which is perfect territory for hypnotherapy.


    • 40% of worldwide disability due to anxiety
    • 10% of UK population will have disabling anxiety

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