How hypnotherapy works for …

Confidence and self-esteem

Who are you?

What do you suppose confidence really is? Most people who struggle with a fear of public speaking, for example, will tell you privately that they have every confidence in their subject. Those afraid to ask for a raise secretly know they deserve one. So what’s really going on?

Confidence, self-esteem, attachment and identity are all intertwined. But you don’t have to accept the roles the past has given to you. See me for a confidence issue and I will help you identify and remove the real block to getting what you need.

Effects of low self-esteem

1. Social withdrawal
2. Anxiety and emotional turmoil
3. Lack of social skills and self confidence.
4. Depression and/or bouts of sadness
5. Less social conformity
6. Unusual eating episodes
7. Inability to accept compliments
8. An Inability to be fair to yourself
9. Accentuating the negative
10. Extreme concern over what others think
11. Self neglect
12. Treating yourself badly but NOT other people
13. Worrying whether you have treated others badly 14. Reluctance to take on challenges
15. Reluctance to put yourself first
16. Reluctance to trust your own opinion
17. Expecting little out of life for yourself

Let’s rebuild

If you recognise yourself in any of the list, let’s talk. I’m passionate about helping people build earned esteem and inner confidence and enjoy watching my clients honour themselves in their new choices.

I feel stronger and prouder, I can talk about my feelings and point of view without crying and I’m no longer attracted to partners who put me down.


The numbers

Self-esteem issues tend to have their root in childhood and adolescence. Often, the simple act of recognising who and what affected your opinion of yourself can be transformative. I’ll help you get there via hypnotherapy.

  • 44% of teenage girls are attempting to lose weight
  • 38% of boys in high school use protein supplements

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