How hypnotherapy works for …

Fears and phobias

Old tapes

Something happened. Sometimes we remember what it was — in fact we can’t stop remembering and that association is what’s triggering our fears.

Other times, we have no idea what happened. Either we never made the connection before or it happened too early in our lives to recall.

We can use hypnosis to revisit that memory and remove the emotional attachments to the events and triggers.

Our fears and phobias may also be shaped by learned responses. We acquire these from parents and teachers, friends, the media and the general culture and society around us.

I use hypnosis to help identify these learned responses and reframe them in a helpful way.


Let’s rewind

We’ll work together to remove your fears and phobias using a highly successful technique called Rewind. Using hypnosis you will replay frames from your memory on a screen, then fast forward and rewind through the images until the emotions are removed.

Richard took the time to understand the context of my fear and helped me work through some of my issues, using a variety of techniques. Richard’s style is very approachable, professional and puts you at ease very quickly. I would definitely recommend him.


The numbers

If you’ve been living with a phobia then you’re in fine company. According to NHS numbers, most of the population will confess to some kind of special fear, rational or otherwise.

Some phobias are situational, some environmental. Either way, as you can see from the numbers, it’s really quite common. But whatever your fear, I can remove it rapidly using hypnotherapy.


  • Fear of heights — 35% of UK population
  • Fear of snakes — 50% of UK population
  • Fear of flying — 24% of UK population

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