Video: How to handle panic attacks

By Richard

Clinical Hypnotherapist

And breathe …

Panic attacks can creep up on us and take us by surprise. A great way to calm them is to have a conversation with someone, on the phone or in person. The chat can be sufficient to pull you out of your thoughts and distract you so you “forget” to panic. However, this option is not always open to you. Watch my video and learn how to handle panic attacks when you’re on your own.

How hypnotherapy helps

You can manage panic without recourse to hypnosis. However, in hypnotherapy, we can work to de-programme those ingrained and habitual thinking patterns that feed into your panic attacks in the first place and we can also automate your control systems, using post-hypnotic triggers or anchors. That way you can handle panic easily and automatically in the moment without consciously having to think about it.

Wait … talk to your doctor first

Panic attacks can often mimic the symptoms of serious physical conditions and illnesses. Please see your GP to rule out a medical cause for your symptoms before seeking help through hypnotherapy.

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