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In favour of staring out of the window

By Richard

Clinical Hypnotherapist

As a child I always strongly disagreed with the instruction to “concentrate” all the time. Teachers were obsessed with it. By the very definition of the word, you cannot concentrate all the time. You concentrate for a burst, then you need to glide.

For me gliding was about staring out of the window. There was always something out there that would get my attention, but a strange kind of attention, one that allowed thoughts to run, the mind to flow. This time, when my thoughts were free to run, was the only time I could truly say I was my own and I was my true self. I still have my best ideas here, and things fall into place.

The app stores of this world are full of aids to meditation. I don’t use them. My practice is to stare out of the window.

Try it.

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