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How hypnotherapy works for …


Can you turn it down, please?

Tinnitus is an interesting condition. Doctors cannot agree on its etiology, although most agree that some types of tinnitus occur after hearing damage. Tinnitus may also point to physical issues that you should check with your doctor.

But often, tinnitus happens where no medical cause can be found. So-called “subjective tinnitus”, has no biological measure and may be caused by a number of factors. Much like pain, it may be a complex mix of physical and emotional components.

Hypnotherapy has a decent clinical evidence base for tinnitus. It’s not a medical treatment so it can’t bring damaged hearing back, but I can show you how to take back control and turn down the volume on your tinnitus.

I will need consent from your GP

If you’re suffering with tinnitus, please consult first with your GP. It could be a symptom of something your doctor will need to treat. Once a medical cause is ruled out, hypnotherapy can be sought.

    Volume control

    I can help your tinnitus through hypnotherapy :

    • I will help you turn down the volume on your tinnitus
    • I will help you identify and clear some of the “noise” your tinnitus may be hiding

    The numbers

    According to the British Tinnitus Association, tinnitus is on the rise. And yet, GPs are hard pressed to deliver much in the way of treatment. Some patients report being told to “get on with it” while others, tragically, have been “laughed at” by their doctor. Hypnotherapy offers a compassionate response to the very real and distressing experience of tinnitus and delivers a strategy for managing it, where medicine is lagging behind.


    • Tinnitus affects 10% of UK population

    Will rise by half a million over next 10 years

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