Video: Managing uncertainty

By Richard

Clinical Hypnotherapist

How can I feel more sure about things?

Uncertainty makes us anxious. The desire to quell uncertainty tempts us into trying to control things and make them certain. But we can’t control any of the uncertain things. This makes us anxious. And so it goes around … Watch my video for help with this.

How hypnotherapy helps

Hypnotherapy can help you handle anxiety around uncertainty by teaching you how to automate relaxation processes, by helping you to release the urge to control what is essentially not within your control, by helping you to develop a new and more fruitful relationship with the unknowable things of life, to develop curiosity and confidence and by helping you to focus on the present. All of these elements work together to help calm the fear of uncertain things. Hypnotherapy may also be able to help by exploring where and when in your life you developed the thought habits that lead you to anxiety and working to detach from those influences.


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