How hypnotherapy works for …

Weight loss

Eat up! Slim down!

Well, which?

Our relationship with food, our weight and our self-esteem is incredibly complex and we’re bombarded with highly mixed messages from birth. No wonder it’s hard to consciously control our food habits.

Happily, it’s much easier to unconsciously control them. Hypnotherapy is a very good way to address our relationships to food and exercise and examine how those relationships have developed.

Understanding those relationships is the key to removing your blocks to reaching your target weight.


Bittersweet symphony

Our culture is obsessed with food. You can’t move on TV for baking shows and celeb chefs. Mouthwatering recipes are everywhere from Instagram to the BBC website. That same culture simultaneously tells us we shouldn’t be eating any of it. Hypnotherapy will help you cut though the programming and take control without “giving up” anything.

I’ve completely stopped snacking and didn’t even have to try. Thank you.


The numbers

If you take a look at the numbers, you’ll see that half the country is trying to lose weight (rightly or wrongly). But it’s not working: nearly 70% of dieters are permanently on diets that just don’t deliver. Hypnotherapy helps you unconsciously change your attitudes and habits and  remove the old unconscious attachments that have kept you in unhelpful habits.

  • Half of UK adults tried to lose weight last year
  • 67% of dieters are “permanently dieting”

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